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  • BOOK encoding & Curing Of alcohol dependence

    (154 encoding attitudes Effective influence on The Subconscious Curing of alcohol dependence Advice to relatives and friends)

    Ramil Garifullin

    BOOK encoding &


    Of alcohol dependence

    154 encoding attitudes

    Effective influence on

    The Subconscious

    Curing of alcohol dependence

    Advice to relatives and friends

    R. R. Garifullin, 2004

    Ramil Ramzievich Garifullin

    Ramil Garifullin 154 encoding attitudes Effective influence on The Subconscious Curing of alcohol dependence Advice to relatives and friends

    Dear publishers (and Chief Editor),

    I am sending you one of my latest works. I would very much like to be published by you. To my mind the given work, corresponding to the conception of your publishing house, will interest you. In case of positive decision, I would like to receive the contract on the Internet. Thank you in advance. Waiting for your reply.

    Please, excuse me the possible inaccuracies of translation.

    Doctor of Psychology

    Ramil Garifullin


    Ramil Ramziyevitch Garifullin is a group psychotherapist, Candidate of Psychological Sciences (Doctor of Psychology), Director of Kazan Psychological Centre (since 1990), one of the founders of Russian Manipulation Psychology. He has developed the conception of the Illusionism of personality, the psychological security of Russia, and also the conception of covered prophylaxis of drug addiction and alcoholism. He is the author of the method of borderline analysis and encoding. The gerontocollapsical theory of drug dependence created by him is to a certain extent used in practice. R.R. Garifullin gave his lectures in the worlds biggest universities. He has defended his thesis on Psycho-correction of semantic structures of a drug-dependent personality. He is the author of the first books in Russia on the psychology of manipulation, such as Encyclopaedia of Bluff(1995), Manipulation Psychology and Psychotherapy(1995), Illusionism of Personality(1997), Illusionism and Tricks of Psychotherapy(1997). Besides, he is the author of the books Psychotherapeutic Studies in Verse(1998), Covered Prophylaxis of Drug Addiction(2002) and others.

    R.R.Garifullin is the founder of the genre of psychotherapeutic investigations and stories in cinema and literature. He is the author of the short feature films (Litchina (Mask), 2002) and stories (Mordaly (Ugly faces), 2003).

    BOOK encoding &


    Of alcohol dependence

    Ramil Garifullin

    154 encoding attitudes

    Effective influence on

    The Subconscious

    Curing of alcohol dependence

    Advice to relatives and friends

    This book is intended for those, who wants to be delivered of alcohol dependence, and also for their relatives and friends. The influence of the book is concealed. The attitudes devised by the experienced psychotherapist, Candidate of Science (Psychology) Ramil Garifullin reach the depths of the subconscious without touching the conscious. Thus the reader finds himself in a situation from which there is only one way of escape giving up alcohol.

    Besides, this book may be recommended to psychotherapists and psychologists, specialising in the problems of alcoholism.


    Dear reader,

    I address those who from time to time drink alcohol and want to give it up. You will never understand why, having read this book you will give up drinking. You will only feel you must do it. It happens so because the influence of the book is concealed and cannot be seen on the surface. The attitudes developed by me will not touch your conscious but will reach your senses and your subconscious whether you want it or not. Even if you resist its influence and think that after reading this book you will easily go and have a drink, as before, you will not be able to do it. You will get into a psychological trap (in a good sense, of course) from which there will be only one way of escape, that is to give up alcohol. Therefore, if you have not decided to give up drinking, you had better not read this book. Otherwise, you will have to stop drinking and begin to convalesce.

    It is not necessary to read everything written in this book. It is not necessary to think about what you find in it. It is not necessary to feel desire to know what you must do now. You can read everything in succession or you can read one attitude a day, and you may not remember anything. It is not necessary to do anything on purpose.

    You are a man or a woman. Now you are reading these lines. On the surface nothing special is happening but in reality the encoding has already started, for the given reading escapes your conscious and penetrates into the structures that you cannot control. You are reading carefully...And the fact that you are doing it with interest is the evidence that the encoding has already begun. There is nothing more useful for you at the moment than this reading. Therefore, you are reading.

    Now you are breathing in and out. Before you learn something important from these lines, take a deep breath.

    We are also curious if the processes of your improvement and encoding have started.

    Do not forget that the more you try to delay the reading, the deeper you will fall under the influence of this book. The stronger is your embarrassment, the more effective will be the result. The more you will resist, the more intensively you will be involved in the processes of encoding. It is connected with the fact that you have already started reading. Otherwise nothing would happen at all.

    Either right now when you are still reading or after you finish it anyway, you will feel its influence... In any case the influence has already begun.

    Surely you want to know what will happen next?

    You may possibly realise everything what has happened to you, or you will only realise it partially. You may give yourself an account of what you have learned, or you may remain unaware, or you may understand nothing at all.

    But you may possibly want to help some of your relatives or friends to give up drinking alcohol. It is true that most people who stopped drinking did it thanks to their kind relatives or friends who had obtained this book and recommended reading it. Wives of alcoholics must also read the whole book. Their behaviour will change to such an extent that their husbands will gradually stop drinking alcohol.

    Besides, this book may be recommended to psychotherapists and psychologists, tackling the problems of alcoholism.

    I wish you successful reading!

    You psychotherapist R.R. Garifullin.

    Dear reader, be sure to read the letters quoted in this book.

    Dear Ramil Ramziyevich,

    I have decided upon writing to you how your book has helped me. I had taken a course of treatment for alcoholism before, but frankly speaking, it was only due to my will and patience and not the treatment itself that I abstained from drinking. It often happened that after a nervous strain and stress I wanted to relax, but how could I possibly do it? I was encoded!

    The doctors said that drinking endangered my life. There was fear. Then I was beginning to feel more miserable. I wanted my drink. I restrained myself out of fear. I became irritable. I bullied my wife for no reason at all. Once she even said that it would be better if I were drinking. And I took to drinking again without my noticing it. And then I began to drink heavily. It turned out that the coding psychotherapists had not helped me. I realised the necessity to get psychological treatment, but remembering that it would come to the same result, I understood that there was no way out. Somebody told my wife about your book, and that many people gave up drinking after reading it. I did not believe that the book could change anyone and even his character and that after reading it he becomes calmer.

    Having read this book I realised that the chief cause of my drinking bouts was the restlessness connected with the fear of death. But it was not just realisation, for I felt some inner strength that did not allow me to have a drink. At first I could not believe it. Well, at times I certainly did think of my own death, but I always banished that thought because it put me in low spirits. I remembered that when in my childhood I learned that I would die some day, I was horror-stricken. I realised that everything that happened to me could be divided into two categories: life-oriented and death oriented. Thanks to the book I learned how to tell death-oriented things from life-oriented ones. I discovered that there were more death-oriented things in my being suspiciously worried, in hurrying, in cursing, in being selfish, etc. And on the contrary, when I was calm, when I found pleasure in simple things and felt some purposefulness, I knew that those things were life-oriented. I began to write those things in my notebook. I registered each hour of the day, and sometimes each minute. I remembered that in my childhood I had many life-oriented things. But I also realised, that my drunkenness was in its essence a method of plunging into childhood. Drunkenness was a false vital process evoking many death-oriented things. I understood from your book that one should live by processes and not by goals of life. Now I am succeeding in doing so more and more. All my day yesterday was practically life-oriented. If I start doing something and begin to feel worried, my worries are immediately cut short, for I know that they are death oriented. Now I have made a habit of it. Now I know that you can get drunk without alcohol, being absolutely sober and for that purpose you must find your favourite pastime. I could not believe it at first. Now I have found an occupation that makes me happy even more than drunkenness. And for almost two years I have not drunk alcohol, and do not feel like it, and my mood is quite different from what it used to be. I am coming back to myself. Thank you!

    R.A. Mazanov, Kazan.


    Now I address your relatives and friends, and you yourselves should read this address and pass it on to them.

    You must understand and do the following:

    1. The problem of alcohol dependence of a person who is near to you is a problem of co-dependence. In other words, his dependence is partly your own fault. You are to blame for not creating the conditions for an open expression of feelings and discussions of personal or inter-personal problems with your friend-alcoholic. Your behaviour has been stereotyped and unoriginal. You have put all responsibility on the alcoholic, but he is not strong enough to combat his disease. Due to the above-given reasons your friend had nothing to do but remove his inner conflict by self-destructive behaviour that led to drunkenness.

    2. If you are a mother, you suffer from the fear of losing your child, a sense of guilt, and lack of self-confidence before your child. If you are a father, you suffer from sudden changes of your mood, estrangement of your child and lack of confidence before him. That is the reason why you enhance the illness of your child.

    3. Yes, you are rushing from one extreme to another. You assert that you have tried everything: you scolded, you beat, etc. Now you want to give it all up. You do not know whether to give him money for a drink or not. You are up to your eyes in your emotional experiences so that you do not hear your friend-alcoholic. You do not understand the role of your own efforts to change your behaviour. You say: What can I do? Its not me... Or you may be doing the opposite: you are carried away by the problems of your relative or friend so that you have forgotten about your family problems. You have become irritable and vulnerable. You have a grudge against psychotherapists, who are unable to help you. Nevertheless, you must brace yourself and go on trying. There will be a good sunny morning in your life, and you will feel more responsible for your life and behaviour. You will look upon your friend in a different, more creative way. You will think more realistically and understand the relations. You will rid yourself of all the clichés and habits that harmed your friend.

    4. Think hard in what way you could provoke your friend so that he took to drinking. But instead of doing it you keep saying: What is it he wants? Hes got everything. Ill do everything he wants. I only want him to leave me alone and give up drinking.

    You ought to understand that your friend suffers from an indescribably rotten state of mind.

    And still, do not forget that alcoholism is often connected with family crisis, which may be the origin of the disease.

    5. You are a wife or a mother. You have looked after your husband or son all your life. You have taken such a good care of him that he has got on your shoulders and does not want to get off. You are trying to free yourself, but he clutches at you and scolds you, saying that if you have put him on your shoulders, you must carry him, for he is helpless now. Then you consult a psychotherapist and want him to take your near and dear off your shoulders. The psychotherapist does it, but as soon as you come home your hubby (or sonny) jumps up on your shoulders again. One elderly woman could not even die properly. She died with her fifty-five year old son on her shoulders. Her sonny forgot to bury her, because he was on his regular booze. The body of the poor old woman lay in the house for two weeks.

    6. You are a young wife. If at the very beginning of your married life you allow your husband to make love to you when he is drunk, it means you do not respect yourself. You must convince your husband that love ought to be sober. It is necessary to do everything for him to come to his natural sexuality and not the one created artificially by alcohol. You must say: I want to feel your real masculine strength, but not that trash. What if you cant do it without alcohol?




    You take strong drinks, and on the one hand it is good because there is something in this life that you want: you long for a drink. As for the other things, you want them less and less. It is still worse when, as a result of long drinking you want neither to drink, nor to live. That is why many people ruin themselves by constant drinking so much that they commit suicide.


    You are looking for a place under the sun in your own way. Nobody can forbid you doing it. In your childhood you were just happy to live because every day you received something new from life. As a child you were drunk from studying the surrounding world. At that time you rejoiced at everything! As you get on in years your thirst for knowledge grows less because you have already learned many things: you have not become a cosmonaut, learning the opposite sex is in the past, your family life is uninteresting, the children have grown up and live their own lives, and the sun shines in a different way and so on and so forth. You are bored, for you have not managed to find qualitatively new feelings and have not learned to discover life anew. You have lost the ability to create illusions for yourself. But you are thirsty for A SPECIAL JOY AND PLEASURE from life. Do you want to plunge into the world of your old (like in your childhood) illusions? DO YOU WANT TO GET JOY FROM LIFE ITSELF?


    There was a time when you, in search of this joy tasted alcohol and made a discovery for yourself. From the day of that discovery a new count of time began for you. From that moment you began to compare the sensations in a drunken state with the sensations you have when you are sober.

    So, you have discovered alcohol for yourself. It turns out that for 1 2 hours after having a drink you may feel joy, lightness, and the perception of life is somewhat rounded. It is a discovery for some people because the joy of taking alcohol is higher than any other joy the person had when he was sober. For many people this chief illusion loses the competition with the illusions of sober life. The EFFECT OF ALCOHOL OR NARCOTIC CONTRAST snaps into action. What is its essence? Due to this effect the joys of life that were significant earlier, now become faded, grey and insignificant. Black becomes more black against the background of more white.



    In this journey you have made a second discovery you have got acquainted with the hangover syndrome, which in its heaviness is no better than your hard emotional experiences of your earlier sober life. We want to believe that these torments have not made you wish to commit suicide.


    To become a happy sober person the following conditions are necessary:

    1. The lifting of the burden of psychical anxiety (groundless depression, etc.)

    2. Influence on the subconscious in order to develop indifference and aversion for alcohol or narcotics and elimination of fantasies connected with alcohol intoxication.

    3. Becoming better informed about the inner causes and roots of your emotional state.

    4. Learning self-regulation and methods of lifting stresses without resorting to alcohol.

    5. Finding the meaning of life and its fullness: a). A better sense of responsibility for everything. b). Search of a strain of life. c). Rehabilitation of the lost abilities to perceive and experience the WORLD as in childhood (as before). d). Search of creative activity, which gives emotional and material satisfaction. e). Search of positive illusions.

    This book will help you in creating these conditions. So, let us go on reading.

    I am a professional artist. Thanks to this book I understood that I take alcohol or narcotic in order to make up for the deficit of joy. I got acquainted with the joy of creative activity and its success, but I experienced lack of this joy. I noticed that if I took alcohol by small portions, I could not stay sober for a long time, and anxiety arose. If I was on the booze and got blind drunk and was in fear of death, then, after getting out of that state I felt as if I was born anew. After such deadly dangerous booze I could abstain from drinking for three months, and during that time I felt a gigantic upsurge of creativeness and painted my best pictures that sold well. For the money from the sold pictures I bought alcohol and began to drink again, and that was not because I had money but because the sense of anxiety appeared and the state of creativeness vanished. And again I was dying of drinking. Thanks to this book I have acquired ability to be in a state of creativeness without resorting to alcohol and narcotics. I thank the author.

    Nikolai Selivanov, Moscow.


    The effectiveness of your treatment for alcoholism will depend on your ability to foresee the forthcoming emotional anxiety and remove it without drinking alcohol. THUS, IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING THAT WILL OVERSHADOW THE ILLUSIONS OF ALCOHOLIC INTOXICATION, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO DENY YOURSELF A DRINK EASILY OR TO GIVE UP ALCOHOL IN GENERAL. THE PROBLEM OF YOUR ALCOHOLISM WILL BE MORE EFFECTIVELY SOLVED IF YOU CONSIDER IT TO BE A NATURAL STAGE OF YOUR DEVELOPMENT, IRRESPECTIVE OF YOUR SOCIAL POSITION, NATIONALITY, PARENTS, ETC. Alcoholism is not a very successful means of your psychological defence, and as alcohol removes stresses and neuroses but for a short time and, as a matter of fact makes them hide somewhere at the bottom, the final result is negative.


    TO FIND A WORTHY ALTERNATIVE TO THE STATE OF ALCOHOLIC INTOXICATION YOU OUGHT TO LEARN SOBER DRINKING. Therefore, let us analyse what advantages the drinking of alcohol gives us:

    1. Nice bodily sensations: lightness, warmth, the easiness of movements, and a meditative and bodily comfort.

    2. The removal of barriers and complexes in intercourse. More prolonged and numerous contacts with people.

    3. The illusion that you have found the meaning of life. Suddenly the fullness of life and its meaning open before your eyes. Everything becomes rounded. The roughness of life disappears. For a time all the mental and emotional anxieties are diminished, a sensation of joy appears.

    The first point can be achieved by sports, creative activities, a good bath, meditation, yoga, etc. The second point can be realised by training in communication, consultations with psychologists, etc. The third point is based on enhancing the responsibility, your creative activities and search for the new meaning of life instead of the old one, which was focussed on hard drinking. It is obvious that following the given recommendations takes time. BUT DRINKING IS ANOTHER MATTER, WHICH FULFILS ALL THE THREE ABOVE-MENTIONED POINTS! BUT, THERE IS NO WAY BACK!


    Unfortunately, Nature has created you so that if you receive pleasure by some artificial and fast means, you obtain psychic and bodily diseases. EXTREME PLEASURE SHOULD BE EARNED, THEN IT WILL BE HARMLESS, I.E. WITHOUT BAD CONSEQUENCE. YOU MUST ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT YOU MAY ONLY HAVE GOOD MOOD IN CASE IT IS A REWARD FOR OVERCOMING DIFFICULTIES. Look at an athlete after hard physical loading, or at creative people after long fruitful work, or at the people that have been in a good sauna, or at a woman who has received sexual satisfaction, etc. etc. The example of all those people proves that life can give you harmless joys and pleasures, but they can be achieved by a certain degree of loading and strain. Extreme but harmless pleasure is achieved at the expense of the effect of contrast (relativity). After learning negative phenomena those that seemed to be zero before, may now seem positive. The following saying should become an axiom to you: THERE IS NO ETERNAL PLEASURE, FOR IT MEANS DEATH! An ample proof of that is the following experiment made by psychologists. A mouse was put in a box with two holes. In one of them there was cheese, and the mouse could eat it putting its head in this hole. There were also two electrodes implanted in the brain of the mouse. So, if the mouse chose to put its head into the other hole, a voltage was switched, and the mouse could feel sexual orgasm. It had a choice. The mouse was left alone for a time, but it turned out that it died of orgasm without even tasting the cheese. ETERNAL ORGASM IS DEATH! In the same way alcoholics are bogged down in constant drinking, and there is no way out of it worth talking about. The terminal point is psychoses, suicides, etc.


    At present there is no medical term, which is more widely known among people than encoding. On the one hand it is connected with a large scale of alcoholism among people, and on the other with a search by people of the most efficient methods of treatment for alcoholism. Besides, among other different methods of treatment encoding has become the most advertised method in mass media. All that resulted in great popularity of encoding not only among doctors but also among people suffering from alcoholism. Noteworthy that the encoding method of treatment for alcoholism has acquired a HALO-effect. Therefore, this method is alleged to have properties it does not have in reality. In other words, the positive result of this method is often higher than it is originally conceived to have. THE MOTTO IT IS DANGEROUS TO DRINK AFTER ENCODING YOU MAY DIE! IS VERY POPULAR DUE TO THE LIVE AND TRADITIONAL ADVERTISEMENT. This motto allows many quack doctors practising treatment of alcoholism to use the principle: YOU MAY DO ANYTHING YOU LIKE TO YOUR PATIENT, AND THEN GIVE HIM THE ATTITUDE: HE WILL DIE IF HE HAS A DRINK, THATS ALL... THAT POINT OF VIEW IS KEPT BY MANY MEDICAL CHARLATANS. As a result the method of encoding is being discredited nowadays. OUR METHOD HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ABOVE-MENTIONED APPROACH.





    You must realise that the fear of death is able to influence your thinking and behaviour as no other phenomenon of the human soul is. If you decode the meaning and code of your own existence due to the understanding of your life and death, you will lose the desire to create the illusion of the perception of life through alcohol. Instead, after reading this book you will learn about other harmless and natural methods of creating illusions. The comprehension of the meaning and code of your own existence will allow you to remove the illusory film that you have worn all your life. It is in the desire to remove that illusion where the deepest cause of alcoholism lies. Earlier you drank alcohol being lost in yourself, buried in illusions about yourself and not understanding yourself. YOU HAVE BEEN YEARNING FOR YOURSELF. THE TIME HAS COME TO RETURN TO YOUR OWN SELF. THE ILLUSORY UNDERSTANDING OF YOUR OWN SELF IS THE CAUSE OF DRUNKENNESS. After reading this book you will discover your own meaning of life and, as a consequence, will remove this illusory understanding of your own self. You will gain A REAL MEANING instead of the artificial one that was focussed on drinking alcohol.


    It may so happen that after some hard disease that nearly sent you to a better world, you reconsidered your life, your own self, your health. The fear of death experienced by some of you allows you to give up drinking alcohol forever. For instance, there are many self-encoded people among those who suffer from myocardial infarction. As the saying goes Every man is the architect of his own fortune. Self-encoding may take place as a result of some natural physiological stages of the development of the organism, and the code (indifference to alcohol, smoking, etc.) appears unexpectedly. Thus, having woken in the morning, you may feel indifference to alcohol. (You must not try to do anything on purpose!) It will just be a natural protective reaction of your organism, which will begin to produce a complex of biochemical substances that cause repulsion and indifference to alcohol.

    This morning I woke up early. I do and analyse everything as you describe in your book. But I did not sleep well last night. I sleep badly after weekends. I do not like to rest. Practically I simply lay in bed for about six hours. All night my head was full of fear and absurdities. My hands and feet were cold. My mouth was dry. There were dark circles below my eyes. What I felt during those six hours might as well be considered to be the state of death. Is this right? I did not live. I suffered all the six hours waiting for the morning and the sun. Then, with a somewhat great desire I rushed outside and began jogging. My feet carried me as if they had a life of their own. I was running away from my own self. I was running away from the dead and tormenting peace. In half an hour I already felt a tide of warmth, the fear and bad thoughts were gone, the sun was shining in my face, and I was smiling in spite of myself. I thought for a moment about the prison I was in last night and, feeling the contrast between what I had experienced at night and my present state now that I was running and smiling, I felt tears come to my eyes. Those tears meant a kind of liberation, and I cried of enjoyment. My tears mixed with sweat. It was life. I was really living in those minutes. And I ran with such pleasure for about an hour. So I have a full right to consider that time to be the time of life. When my home was within ten-minute walk, I began to walk slowly. I met a friend of mine. With great pleasure I had a chat with him for the next hour and a half, and did not want to part with him. A desire arose to prolong that joy of human contact. That hour and a half was also the time of life. Then I took my friend home, but my mother was cold and rude to him. An unpleasant contact began between my mother and me. It lasted for about half-hour. After that I could not raise my spirits no matter how hard I tried. I was gloomy for about two hours. Then it was time to go to work. I am a driver. The road is always joy to me. I like driving. For the first two hours it was hard for me to drive, but then I warmed up and began to feel the road and my native town, which I love. For the next five hours I worked easily. And it was life. I came home tired and went to sleep with a smile on my face. I slept with great pleasure for about eight hours. Then I came to your consulting-room for regular treatment... So I had 40 per cent total of real life for the past day. But earlier I only had 5 per cent, and that is why I drank vodka. Now it is better. Why should I drink if I have found a new harmless method of ridding myself of bad mood? And all that is thanks to your book.

    Renat Khabibullin, Naberezhiye Chelny.


    You must understand that the method of primitive encoding due to fear (stress) makes a person think about life and death (If you have a drink, you will die!) This is one of the drawbacks of the traditional method. The stress programmed in the subconscious in the process of encoding exercises a negative influence on the psycho-emotional health of the patient. OUR ENCODING BASED ON THE READING OF THIS BOOK PLUNGES YOU INTO THE BORDERLINE PHASE BETWEEN LIFE AND DEATH GRADUALLY AND WITHOUT ANY STRESS. When reading this book you will think about life and death but these thoughts will be without stress. While getting acquainted with this book THE INNER CAUSE OF YOUR DESIRE TO BE INTOXICATED WITH ALCOHOL WILL BE REMOVED. You will gradually understand your essence, will be cleaned of illusions causing your drinking of alcohol. YOU WILL DISCOVER THE CODE OF YOUR OWN EXISTANCE. Due to this discovery your attitude will change for the better, and your lost ability to rejoice (to enjoy) will return to you by natural means (without alcohol). You will know the reason why you lost the ability to rejoice (as in childhood). The subconscious gin of the fear of death will come out of you in the process of reading this book. It will happen because you will begin to realise your fears and thoughts of death, their structure and their deep essence. In this connection the ungrounded depressions, which earlier led to drinking alcohol, will vanish. Do not strain yourself. Do not check the presence of the effect. But at the same time you must be open to our influence. There is no necessity to play an evil game: Now Ill read and then go and have a drink! So, let us read further.


    Until this moment you have just been reading and experiencing what you have read. Now concentrate a little, and beginning from today try to analyse yourself from the position of THE JOY OF LIFE AND THE FEAR OF DEATH. The joy of life should be understood as an activity full of positive emotions. The fear of death causes negative experiences and negative thinking. We hope that beginning from today you will start to analyse your past and present joys of life and your fear of death.


    If you have managed that analysis, you have probably remembered that alcohol caused positive sensations. You ought to admit it. But try to remember if there were positive emotions in your life that were no worse than those caused by alcohol. Were there? Surely there were! Try to fix those pictures in your memory. On the final stage we shall compare and synthesise the emotions of alcoholic intoxication and the positive emotions of sober state. Make the above-mentioned analysis as often as possible and you will learn to tell the joys of life from the fear of death. In the process of such analysis you will begin to limit all your present depressive tendencies (the fear of death). You will understand that it was due to the fear of death that all the values of sober life seemed unattractive and dull to you. You will realise that the cause of such pessimistic perception lies in the fact that many things, which you considered to be values were not values at all, for they did not give you positive emotions. Real values must be emotional.


    We are going further. So, we hope that you begin to feel positive emotions gradually come to the foreground. It is these emotions that are your real values. Now you feel that you are living not by the final result (the final result of the vital functions is DEATH), but by the processes of vital functions (LIFE). The values focussed on the final result and understood by reason become of secondary importance. Essentially, in the process of such analysis you have already started to work out the inner purpose to assess your actions and the surrounding world from the position of life and death, but with an accent on life.


    We are going further. The greatest difficulties are left behind. Now it is necessary for you to learn a speedy entrance to the state of reconsidering your past brightest impressions in a drunken and sober states.


    If you have learned this, gradually pass on to analysing the causes of drinking alcohol (the fear of death).


    Now you must try to combine the images and sensations (of the joys of life) in a state of alcoholic intoxication and in a sober state. First, by means of reminiscences try to experience the states of the past alcoholic intoxication and compare them with the emotions of the past joys of sober life. Then again, by reminiscences plunge into a state of the past joys of sober life and compare them with the sensations of alcoholic intoxication.


    Later on you will feel that the joy from alcohol intoxication will be adequately replaced by the joys of sober life. This result will appear due to the fact that in your psyche suture and coalescence of two separated parts of your broken personality have taken place.

    Generally I go on business trips by train. That time it so happened that I had to go by plane. In those days air crashes happened fairly often, and I frequently thought hard about it and consoled myself by the fact that I did not find myself in those ill-fated planes. Then I was sitting in the waiting room of the airport and watching TV, and as if on purpose the news reported of another air-crash. Besides, it was said that the largest quantity of aircrashes took place at the end of the year. As it happened, I was going on business at the beginning of December. After such information I could not rid myself of the fear that haunted me all the time. Moreover, I saw that fear on the faces of some other passengers. The whole flight became an ordeal to me. It seemed to me that the flight would never end. I listened hard to the sound of the engines. When due to some reasons that sound disappeared, I asked my neighbours about it, and they reassured me. When the airhostess began to walk from one end of the plane to the other I thought it was connected with some troubles of the plane. I experienced the most fear at the very beginning of the flight when the stewardess started telling the passengers how to use life-saving devices and showed them where they were. I did not perceive it as instruction but as a sign of the beginning of an air-crash. Throughout the flight I was covered with cold sweat. Seeing that the other passengers felt the same, I feared the more. All that hell ended only after successful landing. When I came out of the plane, I noticed to my surprise that I experienced a feeling of happiness and psychic pacification, which I had never done before. I took an interest in everything: the grey sky, the trees and the people. I began to see the surrounding world in a somewhat special way. One thought was there, in my head: how nice, that everything was OK and nothing had happened during the flight. I consoled myself with that comparing the hell experienced in the air with the live and beautiful world around. At that moment I was as kind as I had never been before. My communication with other people was so friendly that I caught myself at the thought: Arent I going mad? One of the passers-by remarked about me to his woman-companion, saying that I looked odd. I looked at myself in a mirror and did not recognize myself. A man with bright sparkling eyes was looking back at me; I recognised the eyes, which I had in my distant childhood. I realised that I discovered in myself the long-forgotten past. But that state of mind was noticeably fading, and in three hours it was so small that I remembered about my egocentric purposes, my mood began to go up and down, and I no longer looked odd and was no longer of interest for the passers-by. I became like everybody else: purposeful and puzzled by everyday and Philistine problems. But I met some people in the street who somewhat resembled me after the flight. They were people who were not sober. And I had a drink just to feel again that flight of the soul that I had felt after landing. But still, the tipsy state was inferior in the level of enjoyment to the state of expectation of the air-crash that was to happen, as I understood later on, in my head.

    I am not an alcoholic, but I have read your book. You are right: an analysis of life and death allows one to start life in a new way. Your method makes it possible to be born anew without such shocks. You should simply not forget that death and life are near to us.

    S.K.Trofimov. Saratov.


    Now you have broken out of the exclusive circle of needs connected solely with drinking alcohol, and in some time you will have many new needs. If you have failed to fulfil everything that has been offered above, do not get upset. The mere fact that you have been acquainted with it influences your subconscious. And we shall continue giving informational codes.


    Now try to feel and understand more in detail your joys of life and fears of death. Contact with God (when a person is in good health) is contact with death. Communicating with God man realises his place in the surrounding world, his way and his end (final analysis). FAITH reminds man of his death each day, PACIFYING him, making him calmer and helping him not to get entangled in petty values. FAITH allows man not to be psychologically near-sighted in the perception of the surrounding, favouring integral perception of the WORLD. Thanks to FAITH the thoughts of man are added by thoughts about death, and that allows him to treat himself and the others in a different way. Thoughts about death and life are always present with man even if he is not in a borderline situation connected with death, suffering, fear, fault, and struggle. When he is young, the fear of death and the joy of life form a combination, which is quite unlike pure meditations about life and death. With age the fears of death grow in number and gradually begin to prevail, therefore the thoughts of death (life) become more pure and true. In the end, when man is on the border of existence and non-existence, he cognises the pure idea of death and life, which was installed in him genetically, but due to the encodingness (complex mixture of the fear of death and the joy of life) was inaccessible before.


    Turn your attention to what place the cognition of the world took in your life. When man is young, the process of cognition prevails over the others. Therefore COGNITION is a process in which the joys of life prevail. A state of depression is a state with a prevalence of the fear of death.

    The state of FAITH in THE MOST HIGH is a prevalence of the fear of death. Sexual feelings are a prevalence of the joys of life. Any illness is a prevalence of the fear of death.


    Try to understand that in the process of physiological life a struggle takes place between the elements of life and death. Biologists have already decoded these elements on the cellular and biochemical levels. It is obvious that in a young organism there are more elements of life than death. The biochemical balance is biased to the formation of the elements of life. As man becomes older, processes start in his organism with the prevalence of the fear of death. It happens after the physiological middle of the life of organism. Like physiological life, psychological life also has its middle and periods with a prevalence of the joy of life or the fear of death. The physiological and the psychological middles do not always coincide. For instance, a youth may have the views of an old man, and vice versa, an elderly person may have the views of a young man. Thus, within a young man psychological processes may take place with a prevalence of the fears of death, and he may become old of his soul before his time. The index of this may be his unwillingness to cognise the surrounding world. (Cognition is a joy of life). Before the psychological middle joys of life prevail over fears of death. And vice versa, after the psychological middle fears of death prevail over joys of life.




    And now you must learn to calculate the percentage of the fear of death and the joys of life for the past day. Approximately, of course. To do that, you will have to watch the clock and assess how much time this or that state of mind has taken. Learn to assess which was more during the day: LIFE (L) or DEATH (D). Learn to trace how D and L alternate and how they play with each other. It is very simple. Activity (L), Attraction (L), Imagination (L), Memorising (L), Will (L), Interest (L), Love (L), Self-actualisation (L), Conscience (L), Humanness (L), Striving (L), Temperament (L), Euphoria (L), Game (L), Creativeness (L), Humour (L), Responsibility (L), Reminiscence (D), Forgetfulness (D), Illusions (D it depends), Generalisation (D), Reflexion (D), Auto-suggestion (D), Temporary insanity (D), Pain (D), Agitation (D), Hallucinations (D), Hypnosis (D), Complexes (D), Melancholia (D), Tenseness (D), Detachment (D), Prejudice (D), Absent-mindedness (D), Rigidity (D), Passion (D), Fear (D), Stress (D), Shame (D), Uneasiness (D), Stubbornness (D), Tiredness (D), Fatigue (D), Phobias (D), Apathy (D), Frustration / Depression (D), Egocentrism (D), Authoritativeness (D), Genius (D), Fanaticism (D), Depression (D), Ambition (D), Conflict (D), Hatred (D), Psychic defence (D), Thirst of life (D), Suicidal desires (D), Neuroses (D), Psychoses (D).


    COGNIZE IN YOURSELF HOW YOU PLAY WITH DEATH AND LIFE, HOW THEY COMBINE IN YOU DURING THE DAY. EVERY HUMAN HAS A DIFFERENT MELODY WEAVED OF DEATH AND LIFE. IT IS THE CODE OF YOUR EXISTENCE. As you realise D and L you will change your attitude to the surrounding world and there may be changes for the better in your emotional and psychological health. The main task is to remove the disguise from your meditations on death and life. The above-given analysis will allow you to cognise the code of your existence. In the process of such observations YOU will EACH TIME APPROXIMATE TO MORE TRUE COGNITION OF YOUR OWN INDIVIDUALITY AND THE REAL MEANING OF YOUR EXISTENCE. THUS, SUCH ANALYSIS WILL ALLOW YOU TO ORGANISE A BORDERLINE SITUATION BETWEEN EXISTENCE AND NON-EXISTENCE WITHOUT ANY PROFOUND SHOCKS. A world of real existence will open before you. Everything you lived by before will appear to you as something illusory, as a world of similarity.



    Not only you alone make such analysis. Many talented priests are partially able to make analysis of joys of life (L) and fears of death (D) being unaware of it. If a priest has a well-developed ability of self-analysis of death and life, he is a man of deep faith. This kind of analysis is developed in some people as a defensive reaction to external reality. A priest, who has not deciphered the code of his existence, is a false priest. An ascetic way of life helps the deciphering of the meaning and code of ones existence, and so does the cognition of LIFE itself, not only the Scriptures. If the given analysis goes in a proper way, you will develop in yourself true RESPONSIBILITY and HUMANENESS to everything that SURROUNDS you. You will gain the true meaning of your existence, and your L-index will be very high.


    IF YOU HAVE DECIPHERED THE CODE OF YOUR OWN EXISTENCE (DRINKING EXISTENCE, AS THE CASE MAY BE), ILLUMINATION MUST COME TO YOU IN THE FORM OF INDIFFERENCE OR SOMETIMES EVEN AVERSION TO ALCOHOL. You will begin to rejoice at life without alcohol. You will gain positive illusions and as a consequence, the meaning of life.


    IF YOU HAVE FAILED TO FEEL THE ABOVE-SAID, IT IS NECESSARY FOR YOU TO DISCOVER NEW POSITIVE ILLUSIONS OR RESTORE THE FORGOTTEN OLD ONES. TO DO THAT IT IS NECESSARY TO CREATE AN ILLUSION OF A NEW BIRTH. PEOPLE WHO HAVE EXPERIENCED CLINICAL DEATH KNOW WHAT IT IS. INDEED, IT IS A SECOND BIRTH. ALL THAT HAVE BEEN LOST: ILLUSIONS, GOALS, EXPERIENCES, ATTITUDE, - IS RENEWED. This book arranges your second birth, and you will be born anew. And you shall dig out the hidden mechanisms of your depression because of which you drink alcohol. You are aware of the thoughts of death you used to have in your early childhood. The deeper you plunge into childhood, the more will be the probability of the restoration of the lost illusions of childhood. It is the subconscious and conscious thoughts of death that cause the loss of the illusions of childhood, the youth of life. In the process of the borderline analysis the analysis of everything takes place that has happened and is happening to man through the prism of D and L (death and life). Man turns over in his mind all possible versions of the main thought of death that was impressed in his soul and determined the development of the personality in the mental and psychological direction.

    In our village many women drink alcohol. It is depressing. Sometimes a feeling of emptiness seizes you so that you want to howl like a wolf for everybody in the village to hear. I never knew what to do with myself. So I drank. At first, just a little, for high spirits, and then more and more. Besides, they did not give us salaries on time. Worries again. Having read your book I somehow remembered how my grandfather wove baskets in my distant childhood. And generally, something began to happen to me after reading this book. I began to work hard. In my childhood I had learned to weave baskets a little. I decided to earn some money by doing it. I went to the river, gathered some twigs and sat down to weave baskets. It was very hard at first, but then I felt that I just couldnt do without that job. If I did not weave, I immediately began to worry. It was a mere mania! In a weeks time my laziness vanished as if it had never been there. I became more patient, I grumbled less, and the children began to get closer to me. Not only my neighbours, but I myself began to wonder at those changes. I regained myself again. Money appeared. I had planned to spend it on alcohol, but somehow I didnt want to. The thirst for vodka disappeared. I went to the nearest provincial town, bought some smoked sausage and sweets there and returned home. While I was on my way back, I was thinking about those baskets I intended to weave big and small all kinds of baskets...Even when I am going to sleep at night I imagine how I shall go to the river-bank in the morning and gather good twigs. Then I will come home, sit down by the window and start weaving my baskets. I am alive by these baskets. I have begun to look at the world in a different way. As soon as I remember my baskets my spirits go up. I have begun to believe in myself and in my abilities. I have not touched alcohol for two years. I have found the attitude I needed. I even know its number and often read it over. When I first read it, it even gave me a start. Thank you.

    Polina Chernova, Nizhny Novgorod.


    NOW ONE OF YOUR MAIN TASKS IS TO REALISE HOW YOU CREATE NEGATIVE ILLUSIONS (DECEIVE, MANIPULATE, CONFUSE, DELUDE YOURSELF, ETC.). IT IS NECESSARY TO REALISE YOUR EGOCENTRIC ILLUSIONS THAT DRIVE YOU INTO THE BOG OF DEPRESSION. They are the main cause of your alcoholism. You have had difficulties with your harmless illusions. You probably have a good position at work and in society, but you have no illusions that would make you happy. That is why you often drink alcohol. You are bored. The only thing that removes your boredom is the alcohol illusion or the illusions you create for the surrounding people. You delude people and you yourself are a victim of deception. How can you help yourself in acquiring harmless illusions that would give you REAL JOY and creativeness?


    To be at an advantage you delude yourself and the others to this or that extent using some false methods. It is obvious that not every illusion you create is a BAD thing. But there are ILLUSIONS really harmful, for they can drive you into a deadlock (loss of the meaning of life, all kinds of neuroses etc.). You are a personality who always creates illusions, and it is desirable for you to have such forms of thinking that would develop you in a positive direction (of joys, self-actualisation, creativity, etc.). Unfortunately you often created such illusions about yourself or others, that you finally began to suffer from neuroses and depressions. That, in its turn led you to drinking alcohol.


    Since when have you had an ability to delude others? Since birth. When you were still a child, you could delude your parents by your artificial crying in order to achieve a desirable result. All your life you have deluded yourself and others, taking part in the big ILLUSION called life. CONFESS TO YOURSELF THAT YOU ARE A CONJEROR MAKING TRICKS NOT ONLY WITH THE SURROUNDING PEOPLE BUT ALSO WITH YOURSELF. You are an illusionist playing with life and aspiring to create for yourself a salutary illusion. You bask in your own delusions more willingly than in the realities of life, which is nothing without illusions, i.e. you form an exclusive circle leading to illusions. To rejoice sincerely for someone else you should break out of your own egocentric delusions and create real positive conceptions of the surrounding world. There are people who are busy all their lifetime creating an opinion of themselves of being clever and knowledgeable. They do it among people who cannot see their real educational and cultural level. But the thing is that by the end of the day his self-delusion wears out the person, and he falls into depression. There are women who demonstrate their femininity by pretence. A woman who possesses this ability is unaware of it, but everybody somehow notices her femininity. The worst deceivers of their husbands are Russian women. According to statistics they often simulate orgasm without experiencing it. They do it to prevent their husbands from going to hotter women. It often happens that after learning the truth husbands take to drinking. In most cases it is deception in a family that causes alcoholism of the spouses. Negative illusions (harmful delusions) lead to the creation of alcohol illusions. Man begins to suffer from them. That is why it is necessary for you to create positive illusions, positive conceptions of life.




    1. You are a man who finds the meaning of life in illusions, no matter what they are. If there are none, there will be no tension leading to activity.

    2. There is another reason of creating illusions everyday survival under the burden of the hardships of life (conflict of individual and environment).

    3. Your delusions are a reaction to the illusions (delusions) created by surrounding people. Most people distrust the surrounding.

    4. You experience fear when you open your soul to others. That is why you create an illusory shell round your soul, as people put on clothes to cover their bodies.


    You are a man deluding other people, and you can only see your own illusions. You are blind staying in your own egocentric delusions. You can only see what you want to see. Besides, if you do not trust anyone, keeping all and sundry under control, it all ends in depression that often leads to drunkenness. You drive yourself into CONFINEMENT and do it on your own will because you do not know the final result. That is why you had only one choice before escape from the confinement by alcoholic intoxication. You are always in search of illusions. ILLUSION FOR YOU IS THE MEANING OF LIFE, WITHOUT WHICH YOU LOSE VITAL ACTIVITY. YOU WHO HAVE FOUND THE MEANING OF LIFE DO NOT GIVE IT A PROFOUND THOUGHT. YOU JUST LIVE. YOU LIVE THANKS TO THE ILLUSION YOU HAVE CREATED ON THE GIVEN STAGE OF YOUR LIFE. YOU OFTEN CREATE IT SUBCONSCIOUSLY AS A DEFENSIVE REACTION. MOREOVER, YOU DO NOT OFTEN UNDERSTAND THAT IT IS JUST AN ILLUSION. HAVING ACHIEVED YOUR GOAL AND HAVING REALISED THAT IT HAS VERY LITTLE IN COMMON WITH WHAT YOU HAD IN YOU DREAMS, YOU USUALLY DO NOT GRIEVE BUT CREATE OTHER ILLUSIONS AND DREAMS. In any case, that is what a normal from the psycho-emotional point of view man does. ONLY BY THE END OF THEIR LIVES MANY PEOPLE BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND, THAT ALL THEIR LIVES THEY CREATED ILLUSIONS AND TRIED TO ACHIEVE THEM. THEY DID ACHIEVE WHAT THEY WANTED, BUT THEY FELT THAT IT WAS SOMETHING DIFFERENT FROM WHAT THEY HAD IN MIND AT THE BEGINNING. SOME OF YOU GOT TIRED OF THAT SELF-DECEPTION AND BEGAN TO DRINK ALCOHOL.


    Why do we call whatever we want to achieve in life illusions? Because usually, having achieved the set goal you understand that it is not what you wanted to achieve. In any case the achievement causes sensations different from those you had in your mind. At this moment man understands that he has been deluding himself. If man had known at the beginning that he was deluded, he would not have gone to that goal. Therefore the understanding of the fact that something was illusory comes after the achievement of the goal. This is just one of the paradoxes of the phenomenon of illusions. It is known that prisoners in concentration camps before they were put in gas chambers tried not to speak about it, because they hoped for the best consoling themselves with illusions. They formed those illusions subconsciously. Thus, man has an inborn ability to build illusions as a defensive reaction to external influences. Moreover, MAN IS A SUBJECT CONSCIOUSLY AND SUBCONSCIOUSLY DELUDING HIMSELF, CREATING ILLUSIONS AND EXPOSING THEM AFTERWARDS.




    All your life you perceive various illusions. You live and console yourself by illusions. Some of them are the MAIN ILLUSIONS OF LIFE, some of them are of secondary importance. EARLIER IN YOUR LIFE THE MAIN LIFES DELUSION FOR YOU WAS THE ILLUSION CAUSED BY DRINKING ALCOHOL. It was the brightest and most joyful of all that you created before. And still, according to the analysis of the fears of death and joys of life, that you made earlier following our recommendation (see above), the alcohol illusion is inferior in its brightness to the non-illusory pictures of your childhood. You want to get into your childhood and create the illusion of it by drinking alcohol. In any case, that was what you wanted to feel when drinking alcohol earlier. Drunkenness is a voluntary building of illusions (sensations of childhood) by drinking alcohol. But remember: only an illusion that favours the personalitys development is good for you (positive illusion). Also, an illusion is good if it maximally approximates you to the truth and satisfies you.


    YOUR ASPIRATION TO SEARCHIG, BUILDING, REALISATION AND EXPOSING ILLUSIONS IS YOUR INHERENT ABILITY. Absence of illusions causes a state of psychical emptiness. In the life of a teetotaller as in the life of a drunkard there is also a state of drunkenness that is filled with non-alcohol illusions created by other methods. If he is not able to create those illusions, a state of psychic emptiness arises. If it lasts long, it may end in a suicide. That is why people create alcohol illusions on the spot, to ensure themselves against suicide. A DRUNKARD UNDERSTANDS THAT HE BUILDS HIS ILLUSIONS ON HIS OWN WILL, AND IT SUITS HIM. EVEN A TEETOTALLER UNDERSTANDS CONSCIOUSLY OR SUBCONSCIOUSLY THAT EVERYTHING HE LIVES BY IS A SELF-DELUSION (ILLUSIONS) SERVING HIS SPIRITUAL SELF-SURVIVAL. Noteworthy that illusions may be positive or negative depending on how they favour the development, activity and spiritual survival of the personality. Thus, alcohol illusions may be negative for some people and positive for others. Even in case of people who do not drink alcohol certain illusions may be positive for some of them and negative for others.


    You must realise that the potential conditioned by the thirst for illusions is always with you, and if you do not discharge it on time, it is fraught with great psychological tensions. That is exactly why many of you discharge this potential by alcohol illusions.


    Creation of positive illusions is a question of vocation. An invented world is subjective. Man invents it being himself in reality. That is why illusions can be called the main subjective elements of the meaning of life. The complex structure of the elements (illusions) forms something that we call the meaning of life.

    So, an individual creates in his soul something seeming, which helps him to find the meaning. This something is what we call illusions.


    Remember how in the past you banished the thoughts of death, creating illusions (delusions). If you can do it, it means that you have found the meaning of life. Thus, the meaning of life are illusions, which keep you off the thoughts of death and eliminate them. These are illusions of creativeness, creative activity. Man sees in his labour something bigger than earning money, creating round his work an illusory shell, from which he derives energy for new creative discoveries. Ask any creative man (artist, writer, actor, turner etc.), if he would be able to create without a highly developed illusory perception of reality. Of course, the answer will be in the negative.

    I have drunk alcohol for eighteen years, especially lately. My wife suggested that I should be treated for alcoholism, but I was sure that I could manage it myself. Therefore, I gave it up tens of times, but then began all over again. Once, when I was travelling in a trolley bus I suddenly felt bad. I began to shake, and my hands went white. I thought I was going to die then and there. But I somehow survived and decided to do away with drunkenness for good. Once I saw your book on a counter. After reading a few attitudes I felt much better. My brain sort of got rid of anxieties that had tormented me before and led to sleeplessness. I began to take an interest in the things I had never been interested in before. Now even little things give me joy. In the mornings I take my son to school, talk to him with great pleasure, listen to him and miss him when he is out. Earlier I did not even notice him. How good it is that I have a SON. The therapeutic reading was very interesting and useful. I was just curious to study myself and to discover something I had never known before. Now I can restrain myself, I have become strong-willed not because of patience, but because of some wisdom and peace that opened in me after reading this book. When I was reading it, I could never imagine vodka or my companions with whom I drank. I had a strange sensation that my alcoholic past was deleted from my memory. Afterwards, even if I brought vodka to mind, I had not the least desire to drink it. I perceived it as a thing that was of no interest to me. Now I got less tired. Some of the attitudes presented in your book began to influence me. The situations due to which I felt stress earlier now do not cause in me any anxiety. I have an even mood. To my surprise I have begun to take an interest in religion and philosophy. I can stay in a company of people who drink for a long time. They do not irritate me, I just feel sorry for them. Even if my drunken companions make me feel tired, it is only due to their unnatural behaviour. To be sober is more interesting for me now.

    V.A.Sharonov, Dzerzhinsk.


    You must agree that the chief among all illusions is love. Imagination and dreams play the leading role in love. The fact that love was just an illusion man only begins to understand when love is gone. Being deluded, man creates for himself this beautiful illusion. On a certain stage of his life an individual transfers all the beauty of his overflowing emotions on another individual who does not agree with the created opinion about him (her). However, in the perception of a lover there is something that allows the other lover to change in accordance with the opinion created about him (her). This reciprocal illusory process between lovers increases love. If there are failures in the construction of such illusions, love begins to fade. The blind begin to see again, and the main illusion (love) disappears. That is why love is but an instance. There is no eternal love, as there are no eternal illusions due to the genetic ability of man to expose them. Eternal may the reminiscence of the bygone love. It is possible to assume theoretically though, that if a lover does not expose the illusions, he may carry love throughout his whole life. ONE MUST NOT SEEK ILLUSIONS IN OBJECTIVE REALITY: AN INDIVIDUAL CREATES THEM HIMSELF AS A DEFENSIVE REACTION THE DEGREE OF WHICH DEPENDS ON THE VOCATION. You must learn to see the whole spectrum of potential illusions, which may arise in any life situation. Man must be open for dreams and he must consciously try to see all possible illusions (positive and negative) and choose the necessary one. ON FINDING IT THE INDIVIDUAL MUST FULFIL HIS DREAM WITHOUT BEING AFRAID OF THE FUTURE EXPOSURE. The view on the meaning of life as an illusion allows man to keep up his spirits and create new illusions, i.e. to find new meanings of life after the exposure of the old ones.


    Stop affirming in yourself the view of life through the category of the meaning of life. Such a view stops its course, whereas the view of it through the category of the illusions of life allows you to move on in life. The cause of the movement lies in eternal self-delusion. If man organises it successfully, he gains the real meaning of his existence. Till his last moment man does not know if he has accomplished his meaning of life, and he DIES WITH ILLUSIONS.

    Due to his well-developed illusory perception man more rarely thinks of the futility and absurdity of all things, he is easier at peace with the surrounding. For this purpose he should create a SUPER-ILLUSION. What a pity that for many people the SUPER-ILLUSION is the one caused by alcoholic intoxication.


    Communication with GOD must become your SUPER-ILLUSION. Man has never seen HIM, and he creates HIS image according to his knowledge, talent and conscience. God is the main illusory object. All the other illusions depend on how man builds this SUPER-ILLUSION. Their formation must proceed through the prism of the super-illusion of God. Thus, interdependent influence takes place of super-illusion on low-level illusions, and vice versa. These combinations and additions of illusions are similar to a telescope (or microscope), performing magnification (creating double illusion) due to the addition of images from two magnifying lenses. We shall further call this combination (instrument) a SUPERSCOPE.

    A MAN WHO IS ABLE TO FORM ILLUSIONS OF LIFE THROUGH A SUPER-ILLUSION (GOD), POSSESSES SUPERSCOPIC PERCEPTION. When man is visited by inspiration, intuition, contact with the Space, contact with God all that is superscopic perception. Genuine works of art are only created with this perception.

    The invention of the microscope and telescope was useful for mankind. No less useful for man is the discovery of the SUPERSCOPE, an instrument for integral and philosophical perception of EXISTANCE. Every man during his lifetime must discover his own SUPERSCOPE.


    Realise that illusions created by drinking alcohol, unlike superscopic illusions are similar to perception through dirty, turbid glass. In other words, alcohol illusions can be identified with the impression of turbid glass, whereas the illusion of superscopic perception with a high-resolution telescope.

    Man can lose illusions under no circumstances. Illusions can always be found.

    My name is Vladimir. Exactly two months ago I learned about my lethal diagnosis. I learned that it was because of drunkenness. During the first two weeks I could not even speak to myself about it, to say nothing of other people. During the first two weeks I did not want to believe it and tried to deceive myself. Now that I am writing to you I do not believe that I have managed to brace myself to write about it. I do not believe that in exactly three months I will cease to exist. You will read these lines, and I shall not exist. And this very thought has supported me to some extent and given me the strength to write to you. When you told me that by my letter I would be able to teach the alive to live, that there is an inscription on the anatomical theatre that goes: Dead Teach Alive, I got frightened at first. Then I remembered that great scientists gave their bodies for the sake of science and research, and we give our souls, our perception, our world, and our sensations so that they can be of some use all that has allowed me to write to you now. I shall be frank. All my life I have been a parasite and a sponger. I did a lot of sports in my youth, I was fond of skiing, I had rather a strong will power, but my mother loved me a lot, and perhaps she was to blame for spoiling me. I had what I wanted to have very easily. Then, as I grew up I drank on her money, did not work, and generally lived on the money of my mother, an old-age pensioner almost till I was thirty-nine. My mother sort of put me on her shoulders, and she would have gladly pushed me off them, but I would stay on. I was so ill, that I tormented her, living like a brute, from booze to booze. All my hobbies and all my life only consisted of sex and drunkenness. Besides, I liked good food. In childhood I liked a lot of sweets, living in a world of pleasures without feeling any responsibility. Somewhere in the subconscious I felt that I was a sponger and sometimes cried because of that. But I could not do anything about it. I had never had any permanent sex partners, as women guessed immediately that I was a selfish parasite. I just used them, although there were women who loved me very much, but I could not communicate with those I did not love and with whom I did not sympathise. As a matter of fact, I turned into a big sonny who sucked from a bottle filled with vodka. My mother continued to behave in the same way and treated me as a boy, a sonny, but only a big sonny-alcoholic. And finally she ruined me by her love. But in spite of all that I do not blame her. I love her as I loved her before. Mother presently died, and I remained alone. Then I understood what I had lost, and I sobbed for three days. I have communicated with my mother to this day: she comes back in my dreams, and I cry, hug her, kiss her, and I cannot forgive myself for what I have done to her. Her death had a sobering effect on me, and strange as it might seem, I did not drink for rather a long time for half a year. But I did not become healthier. I fell ill. I had trouble with my liver, but now it is in a critical state a tumour has been discovered. Cancer! Some inner anger to myself probably allows me not to be afraid, and I dislike myself and do not care to such an extent, that I am not afraid of death. I spit on it! I am nothing, but a parasite, mould. I shall die like a dog! And I feel no fear. I do not even think of who will bury me and where. As a matter of fact, I only now began to understand that I did not only love others, but I did not love and did not respect myself. And drunkenness showed my couldnt-care-less attitude to myself. The world opened to me in a new way. Yes, it has opened. I see it in a different way now. I have become more kind, and I have begun to talk in a different way. But what is it all for? All the same, I shall cease to exist in two months. My relatives come to see me, and they say that I have already changed, that I have begun to communicate in a different way. Yes, it is so. But I have left nothing; I have not worked lately. I know that my son is growing somewhere, and the thought of it sometimes keeps me warm. My image walks somewhere, and he knows about me. I did not want him to know about me. I do not want to be pitied by others. I do not want, thats all. I think that only now I begin to understand that my drunkenness was masochism towards myself, and I sort of understood that I was ruining myself in that way, only gradually. Well, I have achieved my goal. Now I am writing to you, and there is spring outside. The snow is melting, it is dripping, and the sun is shining. This spring has been for me the spring of my soul. It somehow reminds me of the springs that came to me in my childhood. Yes, I am coming back to myself. I am coming back. You will probably be surprised, but in spite of the fact that I have only two months to live, I have begun to work, and you should see with what pleasure I am doing it. I sort of make up for what I have not done before. I began to communicate with my relatives and I have visited them all. They do suspect that I come to say good-bye, and my uncle told me directly: I have a feeling that I shall never see you again. You talk that way. He has probably guessed. Moreover, you will probably be surprised, but I am sort of pleased to be in such a state. I have never understood that people, who want to commit a suicide, want it with pleasure. I think that I am that very self-murderer, only I will not murder myself.

    What shall I say to other people that would be of use to them? I would rather give no advice. I just thought that if I were born anew, would anything change? I think there is something: advice or no advice, but every man has his own destiny. Man follows it. And all that I have told you here is a sort of advice.

    What a pity I got hold of this book too late! My future death has encoded me, but alas, there is so little to live.

    V.Chekurin. Yekaterinburg.



    The complexity of the treatment of your alcoholism consisted in the fact that:

    1. It was difficult to define what ailed you. The analyses did not indicate anything negative. Your soul is ill. But you could not point to the sore place.

    2. You could not define the moment when you fell ill. When your illness was revealed it had been neglected for some time. It came imperceptibly.

    Now you have made it clear.


    Note to yourself that illusion is often perceived as objective reality but not as something generated by ones own brain. Therefore, illusory images cause the same psychological processes as the real world does.

    All illusions can be conventionally divided into two types: a). Positive; b). Negative.

    Their positive or negative character is determined in this case by the criterion of usefulness and the development of a personality, but not by its attractiveness. (Thus, narcotic illusions may be attractive, but not positive. And vice versa, TORMENTS OF CREATIVITY are possible, the causes of which may be positive but unattractive illusions).

    For many creative people illusions are objective, as due to them people create, feel, are overfilled with ideas and possessed by thirst for action, etc.

    Illusions seize only part of the personality, i.e. man stands with one foot in the real world and with the other - in the illusory one.

    If illusions have subjected a personality completely, they change into something dangerous for this personality and for the surrounding society.

    In their turn positive and negative illusions may be attractive or unattractive.

    Seized by attractive illusions (for instance, alcoholic intoxication, creative inspiration) man assesses himself and his possibilities in a different way. A sense of power, inspiration and joie de vivre appear. Artistic people may have similar feelings. On the contrary, imbued with unattractive illusions man feels collapse, discomfort and depression.

    In its activity and influence on mans behaviour illusory perception can exceed other influences.


    The effectiveness of your treatment for alcoholism will be low if you contrast a sober way of life to alcoholic one, i.e. when you try to combine, mix and in the long run put together alcoholic and sober illusions (illusions of a sober way of life). As the long experience of the drinking Russia has shown, there is nothing positive in this contrasting.

    THE WORLD OF ALCOHOLIC ILLUSIONS is a world with its internal and independent laws. It is necessary to study this world SEPARATELY, out of touch with a sober way of life. Then you will really understand the alcoholic and be able to help him. That is why the author considers, that the strongest psychotherapists are those who have cognised this world and left it.

    The psychology of a drunken man has its internal laws. It is a special science. It is only when a psychotherapist has cognised it that he can help a person who is ill with alcoholism.


    REMEMBER THAT THE WORLD OF ALCOHOLIC ILLUSIONS HAD FOR YOU A VALUE AND INDEPENDENCE OF ITS OWN, FOR IT WAS VERY OFTEN THE ONLY MEANING OF LIFE FOR YOU. A psychotherapist ought to understand that curing a man of alcoholism he takes away his meaning of life from him his alcoholic illusion. Therefore, before taking it away, it is necessary to think of substitution of this illusion by a worthy one. The more correct is the choice of illusion, the more effective is the treatment.

    One should look upon alcoholic illusions from the point of view of these very illusions, i.e. from within. It may advance the cognition of the deep cause of alcoholism.

    Alcoholism often serves as an illusory compensation by an individual of his complexes, his psychic conflicts and loss of the meaning. Man is unaware of this loss.

    The world of alcohol can consist both of the elements of sober life singularly, and with additional images that only appear after alcoholic intoxication.


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