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  • Batulla



    on creation of the literary script for a film under the conditional name "the White wolf” on the same product of Tatar writer Rabit Batulla ("Akbure" - "White wolf” ).

    There are several Ancients Tatar legends and fairy tales about kind wolves.

    One of them tells that during old times of our won ancestors the White wolf has rescued, showing a true way to freedom.

    The second tells that ancestors have lost for war and everyone have been slaughtered by enemies, there was only one young man. Enemies have decided to not kill him, having chopped off one leg and one hand, the young man was left to perish in thickets of a cane and left home. She wolf finds the wounded young man and withdraws him in to her hole. Rescues from true destruction. The young man grows and she wolf gives birth from him ten wolf-cubs. Here one of these wolves became the forefather of today's Tatars.

    The third legend tells that strayed in a wood of boys Burtas and Bulgar has reared, she wolf has rescued them from famine and cold. Bulgar, having grown up, became the forefather of Tatars.

    There is an ancient Tatar national fairy tale under the name "the White wolf ". It is the keeper of the nature, woods, living creatures. The white wolf can turn to the person. Who cruelly concerns to the nature: without need cuts a wood and shoots at birds and other living creatures - the White wolf can transforms that people into a stone, and it helps good fellows in difficult minutes.

    "The white wolf " by Rabit Batulla is as though continuation of a national fairy tale: the White wolf takes place in modern conditions.

    Hunter Syrtak

    His real name Karaesh Chuarbek's son from family Atakurt. A nickname "Syrtak" is given to him because he always came from hunting his back all covered by hoarfrost. "Syrt" - a back, "ak" - white. It He is medium height, well built. He is gloomy, laconic. Syrtak is one of successful hunters on wolves, he never came back with empty hands. He often brought on a back of the horse of alive experienced wolves. He hunted on wolves with bludgeon or didactyle pitchfork, clamping-arresting a neck of the wolf to the ground.

    But nevertheless last time he has returned from hunting with the empty, stained with blood hands and a lame horse. The experienced wolf has bitten off his little finger and tear to pieces a back leg of a horse. Someone could not hide the malicious pleasure after Syrtak's unsuccessful campaign on the wolf, someone sympathized with him, someone was teased. But Syrtak gloomy was silent.

    He thinks of the White wolf. That was the White wolf. Whether to trust grandma's story about the White wolf, or actually in the nature there is a White wolf ! Ideas of the great hunter constantly turn around of the White wolf. To take the White

    wolf alive became the basic purpose of hunter Syrtak. But there is no good horse confidently to go on hunting.


    Beautiful gate, the house of rural rich man Muchtakbay.

    He is Syrtak's distant relative. He is high, stately, rich. He has the true racer of thoroughbred breed. The real name to him is Mustafa. He is hazardous, has wide soul, often arranges parties. He and always argues with somebody, having cast lots always wins. And this time Muchtak started dispute. But nobody wished to lose master once again. Last time Kharun in dispute says if he wins, he will have one thousand rubles in gold from Muchtakbay. According to Muchtakbay's conditions Kharun hade to dive into an ice-hole and to come up from other ice-hole. In 40 - degree frost Kharun at set of spectators has dived and has come up, having floated under an ice distance between ice-holes. And Fizatdin at a prize asked from Muchtakbay one fat calf. Instead of calf Fizatdin has passed all village stark naked, singing a song in the afternoon.

    This time Syrtak has undertaken to cast lots. In case Syrtak wins, the prize will be: Muchtakbay gives gained Syrtak horse Eltyrtay if loses Syrtak will go to a wood with naked hand and from there will bring alive wolf.

    Year has passed, nobody could win. Syrtak's ideas on White wolf have distracted, and he has lost Muchtakbay.

    Duel of the wolf and Syrtak

    Marge of a wood.

    In any case Syrtak with naked hands has caught the wolf, having thrust a hand in a drink of the wolf, he has brought it to village all marvelously. Muchtakbay delightfully looked at the wolf and Syrtak has told: take mine Eltyrtay for a week.

    Syrtak's conversation with the captured wolf. About will and bondage. Syrtak interrogates the captured wolf about a site of the White wolf. The wolf is silent or speaks, that it does not know any White wolf, wolves are all grey. Syrtak beats the wolf, but captured is silent. The wolf asks the hunter to kill it: the flight of its wolves will not accept it after a shame. Syrtak liberates the captured wolf.

    Prosecution of the White wolf

    View of snow-clad fields. View of a wood.

    On a magnificent racer the hunter skips. Whether he pursues the White wolf, whether the White wolf pursues the hunter? They hunt against each other.

    Flight of wolves

    Marge of a wood. The wolf has got in a trap with a forward left leg. It twitches, around of it the white snow became yellowish, the wolf gnaws the paw and, has bitten through a paw, limping, bleeding profusely, escapes in depth of a wood.

    The screen takes bloody part of the wolf paw.

    Dense wood. On a glade, overgrown tree-farm, wolves gather for meeting. The White wolf predominates over flight. It has a powerful constitution, a handsome man, unlike other wolves it has a white, fluffy wool.

    Court above the wounded wolf. The wounded wolf cannot remain in flight because it will be only a burden. If to release it as the eremite without an opportunity to hunt as healthy wolf, it will attack lonely travelers-people and it will involve wolves into a trouble other. Hunters will suit a round-up of flight. The flight kills the wounded wolf directly on a glade.

    Court above the captured wolf, released Syrtak, the flight has not accepted the wolf and not to tear in to pieces, but it has no right to remain in flight and to return to family, it became the lonely wolf-eremite, warning about danger and protecting the White wolf.

    Syrtak's death

    Long the duel of hunter Syrtak and the White wolf proceeds. He is on a magnificent horse who is trained by Syrtak not to jump aside at a kind of the wolf. A pursuit. The former captured wolf who was released by Syrtak, always stirs, when Syrtak catches up with the White wolf, between the horse and the White wolf arises as a figure of the wolf-security guard.

    Syrtak bears failure several times because of the captured wolf.

    Not having removed the eremite of the wolf, not see to him of the White wolf seized. Syrtak caught up with the captured wolf, just about he will strike it with bludgeon, suddenly in from of a horse whence there is a figure of the young man who a strong with hand takes horse under bridle. The horse with squeal becomes on racks.

    - Forgive me, the brave hunter, - has told the strange person, - I have to stop you. I know, you hunt for the White wolf. It is waste of time, give up the White wolf. The white wolf-is your destiny, destiny of a wood, destiny of all world. Do not aspire you self towards to the trouble, Syrtak! You are from posterity of wolves. Do not destroy you native by birth!

    Was there a person in a wood? Or it seemed to him. It is possible, it happened in a dream. For other day, last day Syrtak reaches the captured wolf, but falls from a saddle and struggle is fastened, Syrtak's bludgeon has got confused in a cord, the wolf has thrown on him, Syrtak hardly pulls out a knife and sticks in stomach of the wolf, and the wolf bites into a throat of the hunter.

    Having let off a neck of the hunter, the wolf fits. Syrtak with both hands grasps his throat whence splash on blood, he falls and dies. His eyes slowly open, and the blue sky is reflected in pupils. The cap, lace from wolf's skins, rolls beside. The hothead on a snow, a snow slowly thaws under a hothead.

    From wood comes easily dressed stately young man. Comes to the dead hunter. With grief he exhales words:

    - Farewell, a hothead, hot blood, fearless Syrtak! My Brother! The person comes to a body of the wounded wolf and says: - Farewell, the Fiery eye! You have justified yourself before flight! Farewell! The wounded wolf also fits and calms down. The person turns to the White wolf and goes deep into a wood. In the distance on a field aside villages horse Eltyray skips with an empty saddle.

    Kutlay and Divangari

    Kutlay - the son of late Syrtak. He is well-known hunter, as his father. He also dreams to take the White wolf alive. It is his secret dream because he one knows, that in the nature there is a White wolf.

    Divangari - the teacher of rural school. He is that young man who Syrtak has met in a wood. Divangari is a White wolf transformed into the person. He is strange, has arrived to this village from nowhere. Divangari knows Kutlay's secret. Secret is in conversation with Kutlay Divangari dissuades him from hunting for the White wolf. The White wolf also tells about a family tree of sort Akkurt (White wolf), that in translation. Ak - white, kurt - wolf. And this village from time immemorial named "Bure-Turay", "Wolf Turay" and Kutlay is the continuer of a wolf family.

    Divangari opens the essence - he is the White wolf. Kutlay is in a shock.

    Comes time dispossession of the kulaks prosperous people. Divangari zealously protects innocent people.

    Mustafa (Muchtakbay), having confiscated horses, and all property, dispossessing of the kulaks and his all family is sent to prison.

    Mulla Muhhamad Fatihit is arrested, banished to Siberia.

    Heads of area have thrown a call: to destroy all wolves for they harm animal industries.

    Divangari comes to Kutlay, asks about mercy, it is a great mistake, not wolves are guilty in reduction of amount of cows, but agents from area secretly kill cattle and take away with themselves.

    - Cancel a round-up of wolves. If there is no opportunity to cancel a round-up you though do not shoot at wolves, just only appeared wolf-cub, the wood will be lost without wolves.

    The wood is surrounded by red tags. Under every bush the hunter with a gun sits on call.

    The terrible round-up begins. Noise, shooting. In weights animals perish.

    Cruel faces of hunters not knowing mercy.

    Kutlay really does not shoot at wolves, through break, where sat with gun Kutlay, some wolves with wolf-cub escape on freedom. But the others perish in massacre.

    And in one of nights Divangari disappears, having imposed on his hands handcuffs, take away him in uncertainty.


    Before arrest the White wolf has time to warn Aksil, the wolf of the largest in flight, that in his absence Aksil should take his place, it should behave as the White wolf. Having found for tree Uturur, Aksil chews a root of this tree and becomes white.

    So, horde of wolves supervises False-leader. It hardly holds flight, someone guesses, that the leader is not real White wolf. Aksil is in alarm. Before occurrence of the White wolf it he has no forces to struggle with wolves-rebels.

    The wood decreases, to wolves all becomes more difficult to disappear from human eyes.

    Case during the Bur-Turay

    Harvest, women masterly work as sickles. They make form sheaves haycock.

    On two-wheeled billhook cart sleep kids, the boy by name Karysh looks after them whose dummy has dropped out, Karysh puts right, from someone he drives away flies. Karysh this employment bothers, and he distracts, having seen the butterfly who flits above him, the beautiful butterfly flies away, Karysh after it, the butterfly to a wood, Karysh after it, and the boy disappears in a wood.

    Karysh's disappearance is revealed, all women are in panic search for the kid, but the trace has caught a cold after kid. The message has reached village, everyone searches Karysh.

    Near black clouds, a thunder-storm comes and a torrential rain. Searches do not give results. Someone tells that the gipsy stole.

    The group of horsemen are sent to gypsies, but Karysh wasn't there.

    Only for the third day boy is found out safe on marge of a wood.

    To a question: how you have not starved to death and from a cold? The kid answers: I was fed with dogs, and I slept together with doggies.

    Wolves fed, covered Karysh from cold.


    Aksil loses prestige, young, strong and beautiful wolves guess secret of the leader. Especially young wolf by name Fitna (Buzater). If the secret of the leader reveals the flight will die. Aksil have to kill the strongest, beautiful wolf.

    Struggle of leader Aksil against rebel Fitna. It is terrible fight to death. Aksil has hardly overcome Fitna.

    Aksil cries above the wolf killed by him. Terrible necessity.

    During last gathering Aksil has decided to reveal a secret and dismiss flight.

    Returning of the White wolf

    Karysh has already grown, has ended ten-years secondary.

    Underbrush. The company of graduates around of a fire. Fun. Karysh with Nurliyaz walk on a wood footpath. They sea the large White wolf, she was frightened, but Karysh has calmed her. The wolf goes on sitting on a footpath. Karysh fearlessly approaches to the wolf. Nurliyaz seem, that they talk between each other. The wolf goes to bushes.

    Karysh tells.

    - The teacher Divangari has returned.

    - Is he alive? - the girl asked.

    - He is alive! The white wolf is alive! - has answered Karysh.

    Sounds howl the wolf, on the other hand reciprocal howl, the wood is filled wolf we howl. It is gathering the survived wolves in flight. Karysh and Nurliyaz smile.

    The end

    Brief data on the author:

    Rabit Batulla (under the passport: Batullin Robert Muhlisovich).

    1938 of a birth.

    The novelist, the playwright, the storyteller, the essayist.

    The author of 30 books.

    20 plays are put.

    Источник: Batulla.com

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